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Bhavna Sakhrani Dear Mr. Minister of Finance, March 12, 2008 The problems of malnutrition, stunted growth and Vitamin A and iron deficiency and amongst women and children are contributing to our nutritional crisis. 28 percent of children are significantly underweight and undernourished and the issue of malnourished mothers is crucial. 45 percent of all under five child deaths are a direct result of malnutrition and a significant portion of children are born mentally incapacitated. Children born from pregnant women with anemia are a high-risk problem affecting many in both rural and urban areas. The influx of people in urban areas has resulted in increased poverty, with over 30 percent living in destitute circumstances. The devastating ramifications of this problem reveal that additional investment in nutrition is essential. I expand on these comments below: Nature and Magnitude of Nutritional Deficits The major problem with malnutrition is the undeniable contribution that it makes to under five child mortality rates and morbid sickness. Protein and energy malnutrition accounts for a staggering 45 percent of child deaths. As a result of this deficiency, mental abnormalities and impaired immune systems are prevalent. While the mortality rate in our country is relatively lower than others in the region i , it is certainly a grave issue for the poor. Since Africa is the only region where the number of malnourished children is expected to rise over the next 20 years ii , we must work to remedy this situation. Evidence shows that good nutrition and intellectual performance are directly correlated. Iodine deficit pregnant women are repeatedly giving birth to mentally retarded children, whose condition is permanent. This problem is exacerbated in urban areas, 1
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Bhavna Sakhrani where mothers have low standards of education, and are forced to act as primary
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pubh paper 1 - Bhavna Sakhrani Dear Mr. Minister of...

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