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The Quiet American - The Quiet American Bhavna Sakhrani...

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Bhavna Sakhrani President George W. Bush has been often criticized as reminiscent of Graham Greene’s character Alden Pyle in The Quiet American. Like Pyle, whose good intentions are often shadowed by his misguided efforts, President Bush’s eagerness to enter Iraq and spread democracy are reflective of Greene’s literature. In his novel, Greene paints two distinctively different characters, one Englishman and one American who clearly serve as representatives of their respective nation’s politics. The novel is slightly melodramatic, but nevertheless sheds insight on US foreign policy and its reception in Southeast Asia. In between the political commentary, Greene uses an additional character Phuong, to allude to cultural differences between the two protagonists. Most interesting however, is the author’s tact in revealing how foreign actors view the United States, its policies and its people. Thomas Fowler, an apolitical cynic who prizes himself on being uninvolved with the politics of war, is cleverly contrasted with Alden Pyle. Pyle is portrayed as a naïve idealist who believes the ends justify the means in the name of democracy and freedom. He is undoubtedly the antithesis of the ordinary American; rather than being the average beer-drinking, brash, boisterous man, Pyle is the Harvard-educated son of a Professor. Greene’s use of quiet in the title is clearly ironic of American culture as Pyle is clearly not the typical American. He zealously pursues his goals of defeating the French colonialists as well as the Communist Vietminh with a Third Force, which eventually proved to be dangerous and fatal. Greene makes it evident that Pyle has a good heart and his motives are sincere, yet he is eventually shown as the novel’s villain – dangerous, untrustworthy and complacent in the deaths of civilians. 1
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The Quiet American - The Quiet American Bhavna Sakhrani...

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