Approved safety goggles and 100 cotton lab coat you

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Unformatted text preview: 2013, Department of Chemistry, UCD. Approved safety goggles and 100% cotton lab coat (You must purchase goggles at the UCD Bookstore. Unapproved goggles will not be accepted in the laboratory. You must bring your own goggles.) Laboratory Notebook with carbon pages Study Smart! Before Lecture Read (quickly) over the assigned sections in the textbook to get an overview of what will be covered. . Don’t spend too much time on parts you don’t understand, but take a note of what they are. . During Lecture . . Take notes! Pay special attention to the parts you find difficult. After lecture Read the book again Clean up your lecture notes. Combine the knowledge you gained from class and the book. .Solve the suggested homework problems pertaining to the sections covered .Make a list of questions you still need answered. . ....
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