Goodcommunicatorsaregoodlisteners practiceempathy

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Unformatted text preview: cs ombudsperson Elements of Communication Elements of Communication • Many communication situations “happen” to a manager rather than as “planned” events – – – – – – – Communicator/Source ­ sender Goal ­ purpose Audience – employees, clients, potential customers, local/national media Context – one person or many people Message – writing style Media – call, write, speak, fax, e­mail, press conference, etc. Feedback – cyclical process Drucker’s Fundamental Drucker’s Fundamental Communication Principles • Communication is perception – recipient’s range • • • of perception Communication is expectation – people have selective hearing Communication makes demands – people will do or act upon the communication and this doing or acting requires “time” Communication and information – different, yet interdependent You, as a Communicator You, as a Communicator • Aristotle’s Rhetoric: three essential qualities of successful communication: – Logos – command of the language – Path...
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