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Assignment #8 - Ch 8 Assignment 1 What is the difference...

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Ch 8 Assignment . # 1 What is the difference between the order-to-cash cycle and the order cycle? The OTC is the same as the order cycle plus the flow of money back to the seller # 2 In your own words, what is activity based costing? This one is hard to put into my own words; it identifies the activities that a firm performs and then assigns costs to products. Only thing I can think that it means is maybe the Holidays, like Christmas, prices always seem to go up on gift products. # 3 How is order management and customer service related? I have been in customer service before and whenever I had to deal with customers. I found myself having to order parts and or products for my customers. In my opinion customer service and order management are related. Current order fill rate: 80% Number of Orders per year: 5,000 Percentage of unfilled orders back-ordered: 70% Percentage of unfilled orders cancelled: 30% Back order cost per order: $150 Lost pretax profit per cancelled order: $12,500 # 4 Of the 5,000 orders, how many are filled correctly (with an 80% fill rate)? 4000 # 5 Of the 5,000 orders, how many are not filled?
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