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Be aware that not all the material covered in class

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Unformatted text preview: e aware that not all the material covered in class is written in the book, so your attendance to lecture is of the utmost importance. For those students interested in pursuing a professional career in Ecology or a related field we highly recommend getting a copy of Gotelli’s A Primer of Ecology (ISBN 0-87893-273-9) and Levin’s The Princeton Guide to Ecology (ISBN: 978-0-691-12839-9) for your personal library. The first book covers at length the mathematical models we will be dealing with during population and community ecology. The second one is a major compilation of the fundamental concepts and most recent advances in the field of Ecology. These books will be on reserve in the Life Sciences Library (MAI 220). We recommend joining the Ecolog-List Serv if you are thinking in pursuing a career in Ecology. Here you will find information about training and education opportunities, jobs, grants, interesting discussion and more. To subscribe check the following website: http://www.lsoft.com/scripts/wl.exe?SL1=ECOLOG-L&H=LISTSERV.UMD.EDU Blackboard resources A PDF file with an outline of each lecture will be posted a day previous to the lecture. You will also find the syllabus, discussion, case study and other reading materials on the UT's Blackboard system. Please check the course web site (go to UT Direct) regularly for updates to the schedule and important announcements. Class mechanics Lecture: The lecture portion of the course will include a combination of learning strategies including case study exercises, pop quizzes, in-class participation, practice exams, traditional lecture-type presentation, and other in-class exercises. - Case studies: The purpose of the case study exercises is to develop problem-solving and teamworking skills while engaging in active learning. Your instructor will upload the case study into blackboard a few days prior its discussion. You must read the case study before coming to class and answer each of the questions p...
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