During class you will be quizzed twice on the written

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Unformatted text preview: rovided. During class you will be quizzed twice on the written case study and the lecture material related to it. The first quiz will be done individually while the second quiz will be done as a team. At the end of the exercise, each team will hand in their quizzes, team write-up and peer evaluations. All case studies will be completed during lecture and you need to attend to get the assigned points. If an absolute documentable medical or similarly valid excuse exists, you will be responsible of notifying your instructor and teammates and send them your answers to the case study questions ahead of time. Team assignments: Each student will be assigned to a team for participation in the case study exercises. We will assign these teams based upon your answers to a set of personal/professional questions. - Pop quizzes: they will be administered either at the beginning or end of lecture. The purpose of the pop quiz is to help you keep track of your understanding of the material being presented during lecture. - Practice exams: A short exam rehearsal will be done during lecture. The purpose of this exercise is to give you the opportunity to practice and assess your level of preparation for the actual exam. - In-class participation is highly sought after during the course. We want all of you to feel free to express your opinions, arguments or questions about the material being presented. This will highly enrich and make for a more dynamic lecture. Discussion: The purpose of the discussion is to review the lecture material, engage in active learning of basic ecological concepts and get exposed to up and coming ecological research and its impact in policy. Your TA will give a short review of the lecture and then will lead you through the reading/exercise assignment of the week. Evaluations Lecture: The pop quizzes final grade will be used as extra credit towards your final grade. There will be 3 exams covering the lecture material and some of the discussion material (it will be mentioned ahead of the exam which discussion material you need to...
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