There will be 2 case studies an individual and a team

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Unformatted text preview: study). There will be 2 case studies. An individual and a team quiz, team write-ups and peer evaluations will be used to assign a grade to each case study. The frequency of your in-class participation will be taken into consideration towards an upgrade of your final grade. Discussion: You will be evaluated based on your attendance, participation and completion of discussion assignments. There are no make-up exams, quizzes, or case study evaluations. If an absolute documentable medical or similarly valid excuse exists, you need to contact your instructors immediately to have any consideration for a make-up. Grading 3 exams @ 20 points each = 60% + 2 in-class case study projects @ 10 points each. Point breakdown: team write-up (4), individual quiz (2), team quiz (2), and peer evaluation (2) = + discussion assignments = 15% + discussion participation and attendance = 5% Total = 100% 20% All grading appeals must be presented to the instructors in writing, along with the student's work, within one week after the assignment was returned. After that time, appeals will be returned unread. The appeal must detail exactly what error was made: specify the question, give your answer and the answer on the key and explain why your answer is correct. Grade breakpoints: Grades will be assigned as follows: A: 93-100%; A-: 90-92%; B+: 87-89%; B: 83-86%; B-: 80-82%; C+: 77-79%; C: 73-76%; C-: 70-72%; D+: 67-69; D: 63-66%; D-: 6062; F: 0-59. Note: Students within 0.5 points off the highest next letter grade will be considered for a final grade upgrade based upon their final pop quiz grade and in-class participation. Class policies Electronic gadgets: Except for students with a note from SSD verifying their necessity, students will not be permitted to use computers in lectures or discussion sections. Cellphones, ipods, and all other electronic gadgets are to be turned off and put away while in class. Calculators will be provided if needed in class. Email:...
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