recitation8 - for (i=0 i<=1 i++) eliminate (AB, 3, i)...

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Sheet1 Page 1 #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #define N 100 int main (void) { int i=0, j, count, r, c double AB[N][N+1], S[N*(N+1)] FILE *Matt_Senko Matt_Senko = fopen ("data.8.txt", "r") i++ count=i r=sqrt(count) c=r+1 //DATA ECHO for(i=0 i<count i++) printf("%2.0f", S[i]) printf("\n\n") p //ARRAY COPYING for (i=0 i<r i++) for (j=0 j<c j++) { AB[i][j] = S[c*i+j] if(j<4) { printf("%2.0f X%d ", AB[i][j], j+1 if(j!=c-2) printf("+") } else printf("= %2.0f ", AB[i][j]) if((j+1)%c==0) printf("\n") } double X[3] void eliminate (double [N][N+1], int, int) void back_substitute (double [N][N+1], int, double []) v for (i=0 i<3 i++) printf("%2.0f %2.0f %2.0f %2.0f\n", AB[i][0], AB[i][1], AB[i][2], AB[i][3]
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Unformatted text preview: for (i=0 i<=1 i++) eliminate (AB, 3, i) back_substitute (AB, 3, X) for (i=0 i<3 i++) printf("\nX%d = %5.2f", i+1, X[i] printf("\n\n") Sheet1 Page 2 fclose(Matt_Senko) return0 } void eliminate (double AB[N][N+1], int n, int i) { int row, col double scale_factor for (row = i+1 row<n row++) { scale_factor = -AB[row][i]/AB[i][i] AB[row][i]=0 for (col=i+1 col<=n col++) AB[row][col]+=AB[i][col]*scale_factor } return } void back_substitute (double AB[N][N+1], int n, double X[3]) { int row, col X[n-1] = AB[n-1][n]/AB[n-1][n-1] for (row=n-2 row>=0 row--) { for (col=n-1 col>=row+1 col--) AB[row][n]/AB[row][row] } return }...
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ESC 121 taught by Professor Serrano during the Spring '08 term at Cleveland State.

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recitation8 - for (i=0 i<=1 i++) eliminate (AB, 3, i)...

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