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recitation 7 -...

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Sheet1 Page 1 //R7_ //Nov 1st, 2006 #include <stdio.h> #define R 1000 #define C 2 int main (void) { int i=0, j=0, count=0 FILE *input_file double x[R][C], sumx=0, sumy=0, sumxx=0, sumxy=0, m, b, Y_fit input_file = fopen("data_2D.txt", "r") while (fscan(input_file, "%lf", &x[i][j]) == 1) { j++ if (j%C==0) { i++ j=0 } } count=i for(i=0 i<count i++) { sumx+=x[i][0] sumy+=x[i][1] sumxy+=x[i][0]*x[i][1] sumxx+=x[i][0]*x[i][0] } m=((sumx*sumy-count*sumxy)/(sumx*sumx-count*sumxx)) b=((sumx*sumxy-sumxx*sumy)/(sumx*sumx-count*sumxx)) //printf("\n\n slope: m = %.2f\n", m) //printf( "y-intercept: b = %.2f\n\n", b) printf("m=[(%5.1f)*(%5.1f)-(%i)*(%5.1f)]/[(%5.1f)*(%5.1f)-(%i)*(%5.1f)]= %.2f\n, sumx, sumy, count, sumxy, sumx, sumx, count, sumxx, m)
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Unformatted text preview: printf("b=[(%5.1f)*(%5.1f)-(%5.1f)*(%5.1f)/(%5.1f)*(%5.1f)-(%i)*(%5.1f)]= %.2f\n\n", sumx, sumxy, sumxx, sumy, sumx, sumx, count, sumxx, b) printf("LINEAR REGRESSION RESULT: Y_fit = %.2f X + %4.2f\n\n\n", m, b) printf(" x y x*x x*x Y_fit y - Y_fit\n\n") for(i=0 i<count i++) { printf(" %6.1f %6.1f %6.1f %6.1f %6.1f %6.1f", x[i][0], x[i][1], x[i][0]*x[i][1], x[i][0]*x[i][0], m*x[i][0]+b, x[i][1]-(m*x[i][0]+b)) if (j%C==0) { printf("\n") } } printf("------- ------- ------- -------\n") printf(" %5.1f %5.1f %5.1f %5.1f\n", sumx, sumy, sumxy, sumxx) printf(" sumx sumy sumxy sumxx") fclose(input_file) Sheet1 Page 2 printf("\n\n") return 0 }...
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recitation 7 -...

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