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Stasis Theory Notes A framework to identify the nature of disagreements (where people can agree and disagree) Stasis=status “Status questions were posed in sequence bc each depended on answers from preceding ones” Like a ladder Complete one step before you can move to the next Opposing forces come together before they diverge Place where you and your opponent can agree to disagree Establishing points of stasis Where do we agree? Where do we disagree? Drowns out the rhetorical noise that can drown it out Questions ofFACT Does it exist? Did it happen? Where did the information come from? Is it reliable? Questions ofDEFINITION If it exists, what IS it? What kind of thing is it? What kind of event is it? How do people define the topic?
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Unformatted text preview:○ What is the nature of the thing? ○ Do people define a key concept in the same way? ● Questions of QUALITY/VALUE ○ Is it just? ○Is it right? ○ Is it honorable? ○ Is it good or bad? ○ How do we evaluate the issue? ○ What values motivate the stakeholders to evaluate the issue in a certain way? ○ What differing values do individuals, groups, and/or society place on the topic?● Questions of JURISDICTION/POLICY ○ What actions should be taken? ○ What could be changed to make things better? ○ How will these actions cause changes? ●Dissoi Logoi ○ Countervailing arguments○ "Devil's advocate" ○ Find points of oppositions as well as points of agreement