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Discovery of Ancient Lands 8:29:13

Pausanias mponuments and even ruins of greece

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Unformatted text preview: rst "guide book" of the describes mycenae (a gate. • Pausanias mponuments and even ruins of greece; important.what he saw atbeen the firstruin in time), including the lions man. u until 19th cent. his work was very may not have but his guide survives. a roman 2nd century CE • Herulians Athens was ransacked in 267 Ce By the herulians who destructed greece in 3rd century ce, followed by rise of Christianity. Florentine monk. 1st attempt of historical map making to apply to reece. of • Cristoforo Buondelmonti garliest visited islandsmapionian and aegean. map of Leukas 1420 was broader and more diverse. founder of classical e known greek 2 pioneers in the rediscovery of greece who broke the si archaeology. born in 1391; a traveling merchant. Traded and took part of early humanist movement that was flour • Cyriacus of Ancona in manuscripts and small antiquities. Sold medals, coins interested in actual places and in accurately reproducing to collectors. Born to prestigious family mvmnt=renaissance, interest moves from church to hum first to use term archaeology in a modern sense. beilieved taht phiology wasnt suffiicent in • Spon and Wheelerunderstanding antiquity. saw the need to go to ancient remains. copied over 2k greek/latin inscriptio...
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