Discovery of Ancient Lands 8:29:13

Gave material culture 1687 venetians laid siege to

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Unformatted text preview: s. loss of his commentary. first to give fundamental role to material remains in reconstructing the past. gave material culture. 1687, venetians laid siege to the turkish forces occupying the acropolis. they put all their weapons in the paratehnon and it was destroyed (roof etc). johann hoachim winckelmann- egotistical. famous work: wrote about image below. guy said beware greek baring gifts to snake punish him. 1717-1768 art historian; Johann Winckelmann; classical arcaheology laocoon 1506 (vatican) described by winkelmanand developed art history and asethetics. was found in rome in 1506 (he never went to greece). baroque style. the person is a soothsayer and sons. greek scuputer was colorful. he categorized art using archaiac, classical, boroque (over the top). problem he was looking at roman not greek. 1801-1805, 3 goddesses from parathenon taken by elgin into british museums. took 56 slabs from the frieze(around top of parathenon). removed tempe of athena nike (kinda) lord byron: poet; againist elgin because he took the spoils. help greeks fight indepence from turks, and didnt want things greek taken. aka george gordon. philhellene: lover of greeks. died in greece in 1824....
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