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Discovery of Ancient Lands 8:29:13

Onstaries monks and transmisson of classical

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Unformatted text preview: n. the undertook 1st great archeaological exploration of athens book that was translated. onstaries, monks, and transmisson of classical texts.Spon was last to draw prathenonone type of evidence. study published source of info came from texts. whicle itwas a mosque. and • Philology lang. and text. learned societies that promoted study/publication of greek antiquity. wealthy individuals • Society of Dilettani who traveled. commissioned architects and painters to travel. 1717-1768. scholar, pioneer study of classical art. believed in pure greek • Johann Joachim Winklemann civil. father of art/art history. • Lord Thomas Elgint1ook the parathenon apart to take part to britain. took acropolis marbles during the prd. of 899-1806. • Lord Byron Jacque carrey:17th cen. travelers. drew architectual elements. important bc parts of his drawings show what the buildings dont have anymore. parathenon: only got 35,000 pounsd for parthenon friezie (elgin) buisnessman was dissapointed. pompeii was first to be excavated by lord and lady emma hamilton aka treasure hunt . process in unsystematic. n Cyriacus of Ancona visited parathenon (his drawing)- made attempt to learn language: spoke greeks. falsifeid some thing...
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