PHY171 Syllabus

Moreover you should realize that without a constant

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Unformatted text preview: ld realize that without a constant effort throughout the semester your chances to do decentl y in this class are slim. Besides the homework time, you should dedicate at least 4 hours per week to reading the material from the textbook before coming to class and reviewing the notes and study materials once we conclude each unit. Final grade: homework - 100 points; midterm tests - 300 points; final exam - 200 points. Total: 600 points. The overall percentages will be calculated using a median-value based nonlinear curve (which tends to discriminate the very poor performances…). Tentative grade cuts: 100% ≥ A± ≥ 90% > B± ≥ 80% > C± ≥ 65% > D± ≥ 50%. Borderline scores will be treated fairly, with upgrades available – as a favor allowing a certain degree of subjectivity, not as an automatic right – based on the perceived seriousness demonstrated by the student (class attendance and involvement, homework aspect, consistency of performance, etc.). However, note that a score is considered borderline only if it is less than 0.1%...
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