PHY171 Syllabus

Phy 171 general physics i syllabus fall 2013 iv

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Unformatted text preview: – General Physics I – Syllabus Fall 2013 IV. Instructional Methods and Activities: There are three lecture hours per week, with a substantial portion of the available time dedicated to solving problems similar to the ones assigned for homework or prepared for exams. The concept presentation will be strengthened by experimental demonstrations, tutorials and quizzes designed to involve the students for pedagogical and assessment purposes. The students must read the material before coming to class, at least for a visual familiarization with the subject at hand. The internet is to be used extensively for introductory physics examples and educational multimedia snippets (some Flash animations will be made available via the course web-page and the WebAssign system). The students are strongly encouraged to take advantage from the office hours (they are also welcomed to stop by my office any time when I’m available). Also, you may e-mail me whenever you have a question requiring a short answer about the lecture materials, homework solutions or your performance. Student...
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