PHY171 Syllabus

Phy 171 is now part of the miami plan student

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Unformatted text preview: vectors. PHY 171 is now part of the Miami Plan: Student Learning Outcomes for Global Miami Plan Principles of Liberal Education: Thinking Critically Students will be able to apply the basic concepts of introductory mechanical, wave, and quantum physics to solve problems. Students will be able to create various representations of problems – word descriptions, diagrammatic descriptions, graphical representations and equations. Given one of these the student will be able to construct the others. Understanding Contexts Students will be able to give examples of how theoretical models of physical phenomena change over time in response to new da ta. Students will be able to select an appropriate model to use to solve a problem based on the context of the situation and the limitations of the model. For example, using a model that ignores friction may be appropriate when considering the motion o f an ice skater, but not that of a drag racer. Reflecting and Acting In the process of problem solving students will reflect on whether the model they have applied is appropriate to the conte...
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