PHY171 Syllabus

Prerequisite minimum mathematical preparation

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Unformatted text preview: traits. Prerequisite: Minimum mathematical preparation requires students to have had courses that include a modicum of trigonometry and algebra. MTH 151, 153, or equivalent are strongly encouraged. Corequisite: PHY 173 labs (begin in the second week of classes). II. Required Textbook: R. A. Serway, J. S. Faughn, C. Vuille, College Physics, 9th Edition (Brooks/Cole). The text can be procured in e-book format via the WebAssign system. III. Course Objectives and Outcomes: PHY 171 offers scientific knowledge sine qua non for a self-respecting college graduate. It weaves concepts, explanations and logical patterns into a framework designed to enhanc e your ability to look at the physical world in a more elaborate manner, deal with technological challenges, and even tackle more advanced topics of Physics. Thus, by the end of this course, the diligent student should be able to explain the principles of classical mechanics and apply them to simple physical situations in an organized manner using symbolical algebraic manipulations and the language of...
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