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Students with disabilities should contact me in order

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Unformatted text preview: s with disabilities should contact me in order to arrange for any special needs. V. Evaluation and Grade Assignment: Homework: Will be administered periodically according to the pace of the lecture . About 10 problems will be assigned using the WebAssign online system. In order to register and use this system, check out the instructions provided in class (also posted on the course webpage) and, for generi c help, access the link: The solutions for the problems assigned online can be discussed on a face to face basis in my office. The late homework will have points deducted automatically. The final overall homework score will be calculated by dropping the lowest scores and normalizing to 100. Exams: There are three midterm tests (worth 100 points each) and a big comprehensive final (worth 200 points), given on three selected Thursdays, between 8:00-10:00 pm. In principle, the test room is FSB 1000. In order to encourage and award your continuous work throughout the session, most exam problems will be mere reformulations of some problems discussed in class, or proposed on the practice tests. During...
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