PHY171 Syllabus

G when should one use a particle model to describe

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Unformatted text preview: xt (e.g. when should one use a particle model to describe light and when should you use a wave model). After solving a problem, students will reflect on whether the numerical answer is reasonable (e.g. is 30 m/s an appropriate spee d for a car). Students will make connections between academic knowledge and real-world problems. Students will reflect on their own learning strategies for the course and make appropriate changes if they are not being successful. Engaging with Other Learners Students will demonstrate basic communication skills as they work with in groups to solve problems. Students will demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively. Students will consider the perspectives of others in a group and will modify viewpoints based on interaction with other learn ers. Students will work with others from a diverse background (culturally, socially, or economic ally) in a way that is respectful and effective. 1 Students will actively contribute to the group’s goal, as defined by the project’s objectives. PHY 171...
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