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PHY171 Syllabus

Of mass test 2 fsb 1000 rotational kinematics law of

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Unformatted text preview: of mass TEST 2 – FSB 1000 Rotational kinematics. Law of Gravity. Rotational dynamics. Statics. Oscillatory motion Waves TEST 3 – FSB 1000 Elements of Quantum Physics Dec 11 Dec 13 FINAL EXAMS: 8:00am-10:00am (Section A) 10:15am-12:15pm (Section B) 1.1-8 2.1-8 3.1-5 4.1-4 4.5-6 5.1-6 6.1-3 7.1-6 8.1-7 13.1-6 13.7-11, parts of 14 & 24 27.1-9 Cumulative B. Class Policies: Class attendance and participation is not mandatory but strongly advised and appreciated in order to qualify for borderline-score upgrades. Also, please show the courtesy and decorum required by a college lecture: Any in-class activity unrelated to PHY171—such as browsing the internet or working on assignments for another course—is unacceptable. Staring at the screen of a laptop or tablet while I talk is frowned upon unless you are using such a machine to take notes or follow class materials. Any case of academic dishonesty will be treated promptly as delineated at miamioh.edu/integrity/undergraduates.html. There may be details about PHY 171 uncovered in thi...
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