nature 2007 normal lung tissue hyperplasia adenoma

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Unformatted text preview: between tumor- associated Angiogenic fibroblasts and tumor cells, endothelial cells, macrophages and adipocytes The roles of tumor- associated fibroblasts in VEGF VEGF chemotherapeu.c and radia.on responses HIF- 1 HIF- 1 VEGF VEGF Fibroblast Fibroblast Vascular Normaliza.on Fibroblast Macrophage Malignant cell Blood vessel Lung Cancer Lung cancer is the most common cancer in terms of both incidence and mortality. - Worldwide, in 2008, there were 1.61 million new cases and 1.38 million deaths Prognosis is poor. - 15% of all patients survive for 5 years after diagnosis. American Cancer Society Lung cancer model Ad- Cre To ac.vate oncogenic Kras, delete tumor suppressor, LKB1 delete HIF- 1 or HIF- 2 10 weeks KrasG12D LKB1flx/flx 2 weeks 6 weeks cre 16- 17 weeks 10 weeks 10 weeks Ji et al., Nature 2007 Normal lung tissue Hyperplasia Adenoma Adenoma & Metastasis Squamous cell carcinoma Roles of HIF- 1 and HIF- 2 in non- small cell lung cancer HIF2KO (KLH2) & HIF1/2DKO (KLH1H2) heart Glucose transporter...
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