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Unformatted text preview: 1 (GLUT1) HIF2KO (KLH2) WT(KL) FDG-PET Glut1 H&E Smoking Cigarege smoke contains over 60 known carcinogens. Smoking accounts for 80- 90% of lung cancer cases. Those who live with someone who smokes have a 20- 30% increase in risk. Smoking causes a number of gene.c altera.ons. Big obstacle for molecular targeted personalized medicine How many Xmes do you breath per minute? per day? Obesity and Cancer – Roles of HIF- 1 and HIF- 2 Obesity Uncontrolled expansion and growth of white adipocytes High fat diet Normal Chow Strong correla;on between obesity and cancers, but mechanisms are poorly understood. Mammary tumor Tumor-associated adipocytes Adipocytes CCL2 ? Mammary glands N. Bhowmick et al. Nature, 2004 IL-6 TNFa HIF HGF VEGF Leptin Mammary tumor cells Adiponectin Pulmonary fibrosis and wound healing – Roles of H...
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