Lin et al ajp 2003 stromal broblast specic ablaon of

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Unformatted text preview: t cellular components. Tumor microenvironment is defined by various host stromal cells and non-cellular components (ECM, growth factors, metabolites, pH, oxygen). H. Korkaya et. al. JCI, 2011 Tumor microenvironment Tumor cells and stromal cells are co-evolving during tumor progression. Tumor cells Stromal host cells Adapted from Expert Rev Vaccines, 2007 Stromal fibroblast specific abla.on of HIF- 1 Fibroblast specific expression of Fibroblast specific protein 1 (FSP1, S100A4) X FSP-1 Cre FSP1 promoter HIF-1aflox/flox Cre LoxP Hif-1a (Exon2) LoxP X FSP-1 Cre; HIF-1af/f Cre MMTV-PyMT MMTV-PyMT; FSP-1 Cre; HIF-1af/f (fbHIF-1KO) LoxP LoxP MMTV-PyMT; HIF-1af/f (WT) Hif-1a (Exon2) Hyperplasia Adenoma Pre-malignant Early-stage carcinoma Late-stage carcinoma E. Lin et. al., AJP, 2003 Stromal fibroblast specific abla.on of HIF- 1 Prolifera.on marker H&E Histology Blood perfusion Tumor blood vessel PyMT Mammary tumor model Tumor growth Stromal specific abla.on of HIF- 1 in breast cancer Macrophage Macrophage Vascular Normaliza.on Interac.on...
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