On oligodendroglioma head and neck oropharyngeal hre

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Unformatted text preview: s a substrate to hydroxylate HIF- 1α. Hydroxylated HIF- 1α is bound by von Hippel- Lindau (VHL) that targets HIF- 1α for proteasomal degrada.on. O2 O2 O2 G. Semenza, Nat Rev Cancers 2003 Hypoxia- inducible factor- 1 (HIF- 1) PHD O2 VHL PHD X X VHL HIF- 1α FIH HIF- 1β Low O2 level Nucleus P300 HIF- 1β HIF- 1α FIH OH U Ac OH HIF- 1α b U U UU b b b U U b b b Normal O2 level Overexpressed in various human cancers Associated with increased mortality proteasomal degrada.on Oligodendroglioma Head and Neck Oropharyngeal HRE Oesophageal Glut, HK, PFK, LDHA (Glycolysis) PDK1 (TCA suppression) CA (pH regula.on) EPO (Erythropoiesis) VEGF (Angiogenesis) BNIP3 (Apoptosis) Hypoxic Adapta.on Breast Lung Stomach (GI) Cervical Ovarian Endometrial HIF- 1 signaling and tumor metabolism HIF- 1 glucose Glycolysis ATP Suppression of mitochondrial func.on AT...
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