Ssues mechanisms that maintain normal growth rates

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Unformatted text preview: nt Professor Tumor Microenvironment Tumor Metabolism Cancer Biology Animal Model Hypoxia Cancer “Car with stuck gas pedals and broken brakes” Cancer is a group of gene.c diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other .ssues. Mechanisms that maintain normal growth rates malfunc.on to cause excess, uncontrolled cell division. - Oncogenes: excessively in growth or prolifera.on promo.on - Tumor suppressor genes: muta.ons that inac.vate them allow uncontrolled prolifera.on Hypoxia (Low oxygen tension) Hypoxia occurs in cancer, .ssue injury, inflamma.on and obesity. Rapidly growing solid tumor outgrows its blood supply. Strong angiogenic signals from cancer cells promotes new blood vessel forma.on. Tumor blood vessels are structurally and func.onally abnormal. - Vicious cycle - HIF- 1 O2 hypoxic necro.c Hypoxia- inducible factor - 1 (HIF- 1) HIF- 1 is a master transcrip.on factor of oxygen homeostasis. Prolyl hydroxylase (PHD) uses O2 a...
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