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John Szmyd 3/31/06 APUSH 1492 Columbus sails to the Bahamas 1497 John Cabot discovers Newfoundland 1502 Amerigo Vespucci explores the American coastline 1534 Jacques Cartier discovers St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes 1539 Hernando de Soto explores southeastern United States 1565 First permanent colony in North America in St. Augustine, Florida by the Spanish 1697 Jamestown, Virginia founded by colonists of the London Company, where John Smith captured by Chief Powhatan and saved from death by Chief’s daughter Pocahontas 1609 Henry Hudson explores the Hudson River 1620 Mayflower sails to Plymouth Rock and Englishmen set up colony 1624 Dutch families land in New York, buy Manhattan for the equivalent of $24 1629 English King Charles I creates an absolute monarchy of himself, many leave for America 1630 John Winthrop becomes governor of Massachusetts Bay 1634 Catholics settle in Maryland
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Unformatted text preview: 1636 Roger Williams, banished from Massachusetts Puritan area, goes to Providence Rhode Island, where religious freedom and separation of church and state is allowed. 1660s Navigation Acts say Americans can only trade with British 1660s Dutch fight with British for the colony of New York. Ended by Treaty of Westminster, giving colony to the British 1663 Carolina given to loyal British nobles 1672 Royal Africa Company given a monopoly on the slave trade 1675-1676 King Philips War between New Englanders and Native Americans 1681 Pennsylvania founded by William Penn, a Quaker 1682 French explorer La Salle claims Louisiana and Mississippi Valley in the name of France 1686 King James II takes away colonist’s local political rights and government 1690 King William’s War between France and England 1692 Salem Witch Trials 1700 The white population of the American colonies reaches 250,000 people...
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