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CivilRightsDBQ - John Szmyd Civil Rights Movement Sex drugs...

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John Szmyd Civil Rights Movement Sex, drugs, and rock and roll were not the only things going on during the 1960’s. African Americans across the United States were growing out their afros while fighting for racial equality. Using sit-ins, rallies, speeches, marches, and many other forms of protest, blacks influenced a transformation in the way they were treated in America. Changes occurred during the 1960’s in the goals, strategies, and support of the movement from African American civil rights. The goals of the Civil Rights Movement in the sixties developed form merely obtaining legal equality to trying to stop racial prejudice. In Birmingham, Martin Luther King Junior and other black protesters used numerous nonviolent protests to obtain desegregation. In 1963, while in a Birmingham jail, King wrote his famous “Letter from a Birmingham jail,” which stated that blacks wished to not be considered outsiders, and that the injustices to African Americans must be ended (Document B). Over the course
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