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Works Cited Chidsey, Donald B. Goodbye to Gunpowder . New York: Crown Publishers, Inc, 1963. Coursen, D. Linn. “Explosion and explosive.” McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of Science and Technology . 7 th Ed. 1992. Davis, Tenney L. The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives . Las Vegas: Angiff Press. 1984. “Gunpowder.” New Encyclopedia Britannica . 2003. “Gunpowder Plot.” New Encyclopedia Britannica . 2003. Kehr, Thomas. "THE SEIZURE OF HIS MAJESTY'S FORT WILLIAM AND MARY AT NEW CASTLE, NEW HAMPSHIRE, DECEMBER 14 - 15, 1774." Fort
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Unformatted text preview: Constitution. 2005. New Hampshire Society, Sons of the American Revolution. 10 May 2006 <>. Kelley, Jack. Gunpowder . New York: Basic Books, 2004. Robinson, Dennis. "The Shot Not Heard Round the World." 22 May 1999. Seacoast NH. 10 May 2006 < World/>. The Last Samurai . Dir. Edward Zwick. Perf. Tom Cruise. DVD. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2003. Szmyd 13...
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