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Chillingworth Evil, Cruel, Mean “‘[Chillingworth] sent his wife before him, remaining himself to look after some necessary affairs. Marry, good sir, in some two years, or less, that the woman has been a dweller here in Boston, no tidings have come of this learned gentleman, Master Prynne,’” (123). “It grew to be a widely diffused opinion, that the Reverent Arthur Dimmesdale, like many other personages of especial sanctity, in all ages of the Christian world, was
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Unformatted text preview: haunted either by Satan himself, or Satans emissary, in the guise of old Roger Chillingworth. This diabolical agent had the divine permission, for a season, to burrow into the clergymans intimacy, and plot against his soul, (255). And what am I now? demanded [Chillingworth], looking into her face, and permitting the whole evil within him to be written on his features. I have already told thee what I am! A fiend! (347)....
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