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John Szmyd Political Humor Political humor on television or in the newspaper has become an increasingly influential force in the American political scene, specifically in people’s perception of political candidates. Reporting and accuracy of political humor often can be biased. Media mostly shows entertaining or funny news to keep people interested and watching their show. Media has the power to change the perceptions of candidates and to influence the decisions of voters. Political humor, though undeniably entertaining, is often biased and can influence people’s perception of politicians. Reporters, news shows, cartoonists, and other political humorists all have his or her own opinions of candidates. Their job is to express their opinions in the form of comedy. In this cartoon, the artist infers that President Bush is a “’brainless moron’, who will cause more hatred and terrorism that the world has ever known,” (Soobren). Humorists focus on the candidates faults, and create jokes based on those faults. In this cartoon, presidential candidate John Kerry is drawn with an extremely long, droopy face. Cartoonists make politicians recognizable and
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funny looking by exaggerating their physical features. Political humor, particularly in cartoons,
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PoliticalHumoressay - John Szmyd Political Humor Political...

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