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John Szmyd 11/2/06 Carpenter Psychology Psychology Final Paper I, John Szmyd, was born on June 16, 1989 in Portsmouth Regional Hospital. My family lived in North Hampton until I was five, when we moved to Stratham. My mother, my father, and I lived there for 4 years, and then moved to Rye, where we have lived since. I was an only child until by brother Kevin was born eight years after me. His birth was the only major shift in my life. As a teenager, I’ve been obligated to be responsible to set a good example for Kevin. I have stayed out of trouble all my life and I attribute my personality to my environment and nurturing. According to my mother, the prenatal stage of my life went by without incident. She says she ate well and drank very little alcohol. My mother was only 115 pounds before she became pregnant, but right before I was born, she was up to 150 pounds. Somehow, she got back to 120 pounds in only six weeks. Both of my parents are slim, and I have to try really hard to gain weight. While she was pregnant, my mom probably read a lot of parenting books and my dad started buying soccer balls and other sports junk. I’d consider both of my parents to be authoritative, both warm and strict. We may not hug and kiss, but it is clear that they have affection for me. My mom tells me that I was easy to deal with as an infant, especially when compared to Kevin. She says that I would take really long naps during the day. In the Oral Stage of Development, I tasted a lot of things and become sort of orally fixated. I
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sucked my ring and middle fingers until age nine. I have always bit my nails and chewed the inside of my cheeks, both of which are gross habits. I gnaw on pencils in school if I deny myself gum or candy. It is said that oral fixation may lead to smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, but I dislike both. As a child and even in my early adolescent years I was very quiet and reserved.
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finalpaper - John Szmyd 11/2/06 Carpenter Psychology...

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