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global pol essay on terrorism - Bhavna Sakhrani Global...

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Bhavna Sakhrani Global Politics Student no: 4040469 Does militant Islam find the West problematic because of what it is, or because of what it does – and how should this inform our thinking on counter-terrorism? Amongst the developing world that is largely excluded from the Western-led phenomenon of globalization are groups of international terrorists that are determined to fulfil their goals and objectives in the name of religion and God. They resent the West, who they are, what they believe in, their actions and their policies for several reasons, and they truly believe that terror in the name of religion is the way to rectify the wrongs they so valiantly believe the West have committed against them. Globalization appears to be the root of problems for militant Islam, as well as the United States’ policies regarding Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the invasion of Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden, a recognized terrorist in the West, has repeatedly condemned the US and its status quo policies towards the Muslim world and the influence they have over the United Nations. Their claims suggest that there is a criterion the West must submit to, however, surrendering to these would clash with western fundamentals. This essay will explore the validity of these claims, how they affect us and what we can do to prevent this imminent threat. The breadth of information required to tackle such a topic is extensive, therefore this essay purely skims the surface and touches on the core of militant Islam’s problems with the West. The West, according to al Qaeda, is every Muslim’s everlasting enemy. As the perpetrator of destruction to the Muslim world, bin Laden proclaims that the US-led West has gone to all lengths to “humiliate, impoverish and destroy any Muslim unwilling to abandon his faith” 1 . He bases this claim on several features of U.S. policy, one of the most important being their support of Israel. The United States is reported to have spent three billion dollars of tax payers money on supporting a country that these terrorists believe is the cause of oppression towards Muslims in Palestine 2 . The U.S. not only supports the ‘Jewish State’ financially, the government agrees with and stands by their repressive policies towards Palestinians and often veto’s resolutions that are critical of Israel during United Nations summits. Additionally, the United States has continually aided Israel militarily to further their interests in the Middle East. 3 What is mostly problematic for these terrorists is Israel’s occupation of Palestinian (Muslim) lands and the U.S.’ support of this. It is no surprise therefore that al Qaeda believes that the link between America and Israel is a “curse” for America, one which proves to be a source of resentment for militant Islam. Additionally, now that the militant political group Hamas, has a majority in the
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global pol essay on terrorism - Bhavna Sakhrani Global...

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