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Clinical Application4 - body weight during practice how...

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John Cerone Introduction to Sports Medicine Finn Spring 2008 Due: 3/13/08 Clinical Application # 4 CASE— Please answer the following questions regarding the case. List all of the sources (books, internet, etc) where you receive your information from. A 135lb. women’s soccer player is practicing during pre-season in August. She jogs off the field to the athletic trainer and presents with pale skin, difficulty standing, slightly elevated temperature (101˚F), and is sweating profusely. You are the ATC. 1.) With these symptoms, what is the assessment of the injury/illness? The symptoms pertain to heat exhaustion. 2.) As you get the athlete off the field and realize what she is suffering from, what would be your top three modes of treatment be for the athlete? A . Fluid ingestion B. Place the athlete in a cool environment C. Remove excess clothing from the Athlete 3.) If you weigh the athlete before and after practice, you realize that she lost 4lbs. of
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Unformatted text preview: body weight during practice, how much water should see consume (in cups) that day? The athlete should consume 8 cups of water for the 4lbs. she lost. 4.) Your recommend that the athlete consume a sports drink before and during practices. What is the physiologically effects of the sports drink on the body? The sports drink does more than just replace fluids. It also contains carbohydrates and simple sugars which will sustain higher energy levels while the athlete is active. Also, electrolytes are usually present in most sport drinks. Electrolytes are important for cells transmitting nerve impulses across the cell membrane. 5.) At the same soccer practice, you notice lightning in the sky and then hear thunder 12 seconds later. How far away is the lightning? 2.4 miles away REFERENCES Chapter 6 power point...
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