What is the definition of electronic commerce

What is the definition of electronic commerce -...

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What is the definition of electronic commerce? - An online exchange of goods, services and money. Be able to provide a 2x2 matrix that outlines the FOUR ecommerce strategies that emerge across the business <-> consumer continuum. Provide an example of an organization that resides in each quadrant. Business Consumer Business B2B Wal-Mart B2C Amazon Consumer C2B Priceline.com C2C eBay Compare and contrast the FIVE common ecommerce revenue models. - Advertise: Fees from advertisers in exchange for advertisements. - Subscription: Fees from subscribers in exchange for access to content or services. - Transaction Fee: Fee (commissions) for enabling or executing a transaction. - Sales: Sales of goods, information, or services. - Affiliate: Fees for business referrals. Explain the differences between the Internet, an Intranet, and an Extranet. What is the common bond across all three? - Extranet: B2B Create a connection between two intranets. One of the best ways for
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Unformatted text preview: organizations to gain return on technology-based investments. EDI is the Electronic Data Interchange.- Intranets: B2E Internet based private network using web technologies. VPN used to access intranet from remote locations. TCP/IP Protocol. List the THREE benefits of using an Extranet.- Improved timelines and accuracy of information.- Central management of documents,- Cross-platform nature.- Low cost of adoption.- No specific user training required. VQ: Red Oxx spent approximately $30,000 on their 1st website. VQ: Red Oxx management felt that a website is an excellent lever for communicating an organization's' _brand _. VQ: An effective ecommerce design firm should possess the following key components: ______security______, ______programming expertise_______, and ______focus on the shopping/consumer experience_______....
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What is the definition of electronic commerce -...

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