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Unformatted text preview: he HO gene. The transcription of HO is controlled by a transcription factor that localizes to the daughter cell nucleus and represses HO transcription. The inexperienced daughter cells undergo a change of state that includes loss of HO repression in the process of cell division. There is an analogy here with the stem cells that give rise to differentiated cells in multicellular eukaryotes. The inexperienced daughter cells are like stem cells; they do not themselves express HO, but once they undergo cell division, they differentiate by acquiring the capacity to produce the HO protein. har06584_refA_001-020 12 11/13/06 09:12 PM Page 12 Reference A Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Genetic Portrait of a Yeast (a) Typical HO pedigree S α Sα Sa Spore germinates α D1 α D1 D2 a α D1-1 (b) Symmetrical switching pattern Daughter is also switched a α Mother or switches α α a a Mother doesn't switch but daughter does α α but not a a a α (c) Competence to switch mating type M (competent) M D1 (competent) (not competent) D1-1 D1 (competent) (not competent) M D2...
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