Encompasses 24 24 bonding in h2 the molecular orbital

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Unformatted text preview: rbital Model Main Ideas Electrons in a molecule occupy molecular orbitals (MOs) just as electrons in an atom occupy atomic orbitals (AOs). Two electrons per MO, just as two electrons per AO. per Express MOs as combinations of AOs. MO Picture of Bonding in H2 Linear combination of atomic orbitals method expresses wave functions of molecular orbitals as sums and differences of wave functions of atomic orbitals. Two AOs yield two MOs Two Bonding combination Antibonding combination ψMO = ψ(H)1s + ψ(H')1s ψ'MO = ψ(H)1s - ψ(H')1s MO 1s MO Fig. 2.6: Energy-Level Diagram for H2 MOs 1s 1s AO AO Fig. 2.6: Energy-Level Diagram for H2 MOs MO σ* σ MO antibonding bonding bonding...
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