History Unit 2 Terms

History Unit 2 Terms - Terms for Test # 2 -Romulus and...

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Terms for Test # 2 - Romulus and Remus- founded the city of Rome - Praetor- assistant consul- executed civil duties - Etruscans- group of people that challenged the Romans for power - Consuls- (2) elected every year to rule the republic - Roman Senate- “council of Elders” 300 men of aristocratic families - Assembly of Centuries- 100 members- military in nature- had power to control soldiers - Assembly of Tribes- civilian assembly- tribes= districts- couldn’t command military - Republic- political system or a form of govt in which the sovereignty resides in the people or whose representatives are elected by the people - Patricians- members of noble families - Plebians- any one who is not a member of a noble family - Struggle of Orders- fight between the patricians and plebians for more power Tribunes-Power to protect plebians from arbitrary arrest ordered by patricians - Optimates- “best man” populares- “those favoring the people” - Populares- tried to give more power to the popular assemblies - latifundia- grand landed estates- used slave labor - Gracchi Brothers- attempted reform - Tiberius Gracchus- became consul- believed underlying problem of society was decline of small farms- wanted redistribution of land- assassinated - Gaius Gracchus- continued reform of his brother- elected to tribune in 122 BC- assassinated by a mob- - Lucius Sulla- general who led army- recruited soldiers from poor urban and rural areas- also pushed idea of land distribution- occupied Rome in 87; hunted down political enemies - Julius Caesar-(100-44 BC) political reform- wanted more centralized govt-added Gaul to republic - Gaul- Spain - Gaius Octavian- Great-Nephew of Julius- took western side of republic - Mark Anthony- took eastern side of republic- allied with Cleopatra - Cleopatra-Queen of Egypt - Battle of Actium- battle between Octavian and Mark Anthony- Octavian wins - Augustus- name given to Octavian after winning Battle of Actium - Diocletian-Roman emperor(285-304) made decision to split power among 4 prefectures - Tetrarchy- simultaneous rule by 4 - Constantine- (306-377) 1 st emperor to profess Christianity - Battle of Milvian Bridge- fight of Constantine to secure his power of the western roman empire- where he saw flaming cross in the sky - Edict of Milan- new policy tolerating all religious views- mainly Christianity - Theodosius the Great- made Christianity the state religion in 381
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History Unit 2 Terms - Terms for Test # 2 -Romulus and...

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