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INTD105 paper 1 - INTD-105 The Bible: A creation of...

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INTD-105 Prof. Williams The Bible: A creation of Constantine. Or is it? There has been great speculation about the validity of the so called “facts” in “The Da Vinci Code” by author Dan Brown. For many readers, the book has amazingly encountered some of the issues that people were previously afraid of even mentioning. Such questions about conspiracy by the Catholic Church, the origins of Christianity, the ancestry of Mary Magdalene and the truth about the Holy Grail. For most experts and historians, on the other hand, the book is nothing more than a huge scam with the intent of selling books. At the beginning of the book, Dan Brown emphasizes the idea that “All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate” 1 , shortly after a couple of pages and chapters, it is clear that not everything is accurate; instead, Dan Brown utilizes several historical misconceptions to work around the plot of his novel, but that don’t necessarily help or hurt the story. And this is what the historians take into consideration while criticizing this book, the many fallacies exposed in this book. One of the biggest misleading notions of the book involves one of legendary leader, Constantine. According to the book, Constantine had great
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INTD105 paper 1 - INTD-105 The Bible: A creation of...

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