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Prof. Stephanie Jeanjean Assignment 3: Final Research paper Charles Demuth: The Figure of 5 in Gold In American modern art, one of the most representative paintings is The Figure of 5 in Gold 1 by the famous painter Charles Demuth 2 made in 1928. Nowadays this painting belongs to the Metropolitan Museum of art Collection, in the Modern Art department. However, originally it was part of a collection of ‘Poster Portraits’ 3 from Charles Demuth. In this series of paintings from the ‘Poster Portraits’ he combines objects, numbers and words to depict the part of the subject not often seein by other people, because of its internal meaning and significance. ( Farnham, 1971). As a result The Figure of 5 in Gold is classified as an abstract portrait. It is an abstract portrait of the artist and his friend, the poet William Carlos Williams. According to Edward Aiken “No portrait, no matter how successful, can ever expressed more than a portion of an individual’s total”; that is expressed a portrait is not only based in physical characteristics, but it is used to illustrate the subject in characteristics that are not easy to see with the naked eye. Charles Demuth accomplished this by portraying his friend, not in his totality but in his essence and identity. Nevertheless the painting of The Figure of 5 in Gold is also classified as a portrait because in the painting the artist placed the initials of himself and his friend. We can find their initials in the lower left corner, CD (Charles Demuth) and lower center WCW (William Carlo William) of the painting. Also the names “Carlo” and “Bill” are located on the right of the bigger 5 and on the top. These two names made reference to the poet. Finally, according to the book Charles Demuth, the word “ART CO” that is located in the store’s 1 The Figure of 5 in Gold , 1928,Charles Demuth, Oil in cardboard, 35 ½ * 30in (90.2*76.2cm), Alfred Stieglitz collection, 1949 2 Famous American painter born in 1883. He is one of the most representatives painting from modern art. He died in1935.
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art research paper - Class ART 100 Section 5EF(2 Prof...

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