Ward Grant Stevens GW Response Paper

Ward Grant Stevens GW Response Paper - Estee Ward Professor...

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Estee Ward Professor Turley Honors 150-6 18 October 2007 Great Works: Clichés and Collusions by Grant Stevens Historical Contextualization The purpose of Stevens’ work is to explore the “language” of popular culture and how we, as viewers, incorporate this language of media and modern cinema into our lives. He argues, through his work, that pop culture has created a certain level of expectation amongst its participants. The influx of technology has accelerated life’s pace and has given us a newfound sense of urgency—when going to the movies or surfing the internet, we expect almost immediate gratification. Stevens, therefore, uses various techniques in each of his works to deceive these expectations, forcing us to stop and think about the significant impact popular media has on our worldly perceptions. Grant Stevens has presented his work in Australia, England, Indonesia, Italy, Serbia and Singapore. His installation in the MOA at Brigham Young University is the first of his exhibitions within the United States. Critical Analysis and Personal Reflection Even before the height of the Renaissance, artists sought to make the viewer an intrinsic part of their work. The “répoussoir” was the first among many techniques used for this purpose, defined as an element within a painting that leads the viewer’s eye to the work’s main subject.
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Shortly after, artists began working images of mirrors into their paintings. In the mirror’s reflection one could see a scene taking place
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Ward Grant Stevens GW Response Paper - Estee Ward Professor...

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