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Unformatted text preview: inside the cell and find that it is dropping. The process you are observing is most likely A. B. C. D. E. facilitated diffusion. passive transport. simple diffusion. active transport. exocytosis. 30. If you have an animal cell and put it into a solution that is hypotonic [Version A, Version C] / isotonic [Version B] to the interior of the cell, what will happen? A. No change. [Correct for V B] B. Net flow of water out of cell; cell shrinks. C. Net flow of water into cell; cell swells (or bursts). [Correct for V A, V C] BIOL 1010 Section B Fall Midterm Test 8 31. There are certain types of amoebae (e.g., Paulinella ovalis) that can “eat” cyanobacteria. Such an amoeba consumes its prey by A. B. C. D. endocytosis. exocytosis. facilitated diffusion. rupture of the plasma membrane to allow entry of the cyanobacterium, followed by cytoskeletal repair. E. aquaporins. 32. Which of the following statements (in A through D) is NOT true of ATP? A. ATP is used to transfer energy from energy ­yielding reactions to energy ...
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