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THIS EXAM COVERED CHAPTERS 5-9— CHECK THE SYLLABUS FOR THE MATERIAL TO BE COVERED IN YOUR EXAM!! MAN3025 – Fall 2007 Exam 2, Version A BEFORE BEGINNING THE EXAM, PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! 1. USE SOFT AND DARK #2 GRAPHITE PENCIL ONLY 2. TEST CODE Pink – test code A Blue – test code B Green – test code C Yellow – test code D White – test code E 3. Write your name, your complete UFID and fill in all of the correct bubbles on the scantron. When bubbling in the UFID, start in the left most column of the UFID area on the scantron and leave the right most column blank. In the section number space , write and bubble in 2 (for Exam #2) in the left most column. If you fail to follow these instructions exactly , your test will not be identified properly, and therefore not graded . 4. In answering, be sure to read each question carefully and to select the BEST answer for each. Pick one and only one answer per question and record it clearly and darkly in the appropriate space on your scantron. Make all changes in your answers by carefully erasing your first answer fully, and by then recording your new answer clearly and darkly. Answers left blank or not clearly and darkly marked with the appropriate type of pencil will be graded incorrect. 5. There are 60 questions, which are equally weighted at 1 point each. The maximum score is 60 points. 6. Raise your hand if you are unable to read something due to a typographical error or a legibility problem. To be equitable to everyone, no interpretive questions will be answered . 7. WARNING: DO NOT CHEAT . Avoid the appearance of cheating – such as looking in the general direction of someone else’s paper, talking, etc. The University’s formal standards of academic honesty apply. 8. After you complete this exam, present your picture I.D. and your exam when you hand in your scantron. You may keep the printed test, but must show the test to the proctors when you turn in your answer sheet. 9. The answer key will be posted on the web one hour after the official end of the exam (11:10pm EST). 10. Your test score will be posted on the web promptly after the exams have been graded. If you believe that your test was scored incorrectly, you may have your scantron reviewed by the TA’s within TWO weeks of the exam date. Email: [email protected] 11. You will have until midnight (EST) Friday, Oct. 19 th to submit up to two appeals. Submitting more than 2 appeals will result in your appeals being automatically deleted. Format the subject line with the question number and exam version code. Your appeal must explain why your answer is arguably the best answer. Submit appeals to [email protected]
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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the response that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Which of the following is not a step in the planning and strategic management process?
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