Economics and Politics (Soci)

Economics and Politics (Soci) - Class Outline: Economics...

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Class Outline: Economics and Politics Economics 1. Writing Exercise: ABC News Video: Work Hours a. How does employers’ rejection of the 4-day workweek reflect the balance of power between employers and employees in the U.S b. How do you think economic globalization affects the hours worked by American employees? 2. Social Institutions, the Economy, and the Political System Social institution – a major sphere of social life, or social subsystem, organized to meet human needs. The Economy – is the social institution that organizes a society’s production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. 3. The Emergence of the Economy and the Social Effects of the Industrial Revolution The industrial revolution changed the economy in five ways: 1) New Sources of energy, such as the steam engine, which was 100 times more powerful than muscle power. 2) Centralization of work in factories, which moved people from working at their homes to working in factories which consisted of steam-powered machinery. 3)
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Economics and Politics (Soci) - Class Outline: Economics...

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