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Education (Soci)

Education (Soci) - “under-performing” schools b What...

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Class Outline: Education (M, ch. 14, pp. 380 - 395) 1. Education as a Social Institution 2. Understanding Schooling from Structural Functionalist and Social Conflict Perspectives 3. Public and Private Schools and Equalizing Education 4. Changing Patterns of Social Problems in U.S. Public Schools 5. Challenges for Contemporary Public Education in the U.S. 6. Writing Exercise: ABC News Video: Standardized Tests a. What functions are supposed to be served by standardized tests, especially in
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Unformatted text preview: “under-performing” schools? b. What types of criticisms of standardized tests have reflected a social conflict perspective? 7. The Social Institution of Higher Education 8. Writing Exercise: The Access Issue in Higher Education in the U.S.: Why is differential access to higher education in the U.S. a major social issue, and how do community colleges help address this issue? 9. Changes and Challenges in Higher Education Class Outline: Education Page 1...
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