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Unformatted text preview: se yuan 5. War The 2003 War in Iraq 6. Bureaucracy 7. Corruption C. Financial Risk Factors C. 1. Indicators of Economic Growth A country’s economic growth is dependent on several financial factors: a. Interest Rates b. Exchange Rates c. Inflation D. Types of Country Risk Assessment Assessment 1. Macroassessment of Country Risk a. Characteristics of the Country: 1.) Political factors 2.) Financial factors b. Uncertainty Surrounding a Macroassessment 2. Microassessment of Country Risk E. Techniques to Assess Country Risk Risk 1. Checklist approach 2. Delphi Technique: collecting independent opinions without group discussion. 3. Quantitative Analysis 4. Inspection Visits 5. Combination of Techniques F. Measuring Country Risk F. 1. Variation in Meth...
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