Political Science - Affirmative Action

Political Science - Affirmative Action - PLS 200 Section 1...

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PLS 200 Section 1 Affirmative Measures for Correct Action In the realms of higher education, affirmative action has played an important role. By definition, affirmative action is a tool to promote education to historically disadvantaged groups as well as to promote general diversity and equality among normally uniform people. Its goals are to seek underprivileged individuals and provide them with the necessary means for a higher education. To elaborate, although affirmative action may be the catalyst for the chance at a great education, it is up to the individual to utilize this opportunity to its fullest degree. Axelrod presents an informative interpretation of a social hierarchy within the context of a prisoner’s dilemma. He explains that stereotypes, when exploited between two groups, will in turn be stable when not based on any objective differences. Axelrod provides an example of two populations, Green and Blue. For this example to work one must assume that Greens are nice to other green members and mean to Blue members, the same lies true for Blue members acting in accordance with their own label. He explains that they will always play TFT with their own group while playing All D with the
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Political Science - Affirmative Action - PLS 200 Section 1...

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