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physics lab 2 - Physics 121Q General Physics Elastic and...

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Physics 121Q General Physics Elastic and Inelastic Collisions Abstract: This report presents the observation of two carts colliding with one another on a frictionless plane of movement with varying set ups; colliding with different masses and velocities. The velocity vs. time graphs were plotted using two motion sensors (for the two different carts), and using these graphs, the momentum was calculated by the calculation p=mv. It was noticed that in the collisions, the momentum was always closer to 0, however, when dealing with the energies of the different types of collisions (elastic and inelastic) there was a greater discrepancy. Although the initial and final energies were relatively close to each other in elastic collisions, they were noticeably different in inelastic collisions. The results of these experiments exemplified the variations present in elastic and inelastic collisions. Procedure:
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The apparatus used was consistent throughout the experiment, in order to test the different kinds of systems; it did not have to be altered in any way. Two motion sensors were placed on either end of the frictionless plane, which was set flat on the table. First, inelastic collisions with carts of the same mass and velocity were tested, they were pushed together at the same time with approximately the same velocity, this was repeated twice. Then, inelastic collisions were further observed by keeping the masses of the cart the same and only pushing one towards the second stationary cart, this was done twice with alternating carts
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physics lab 2 - Physics 121Q General Physics Elastic and...

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