7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

first thing i always say is well you kind of

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Unformatted text preview: of town. Out behind the house was a small thicket of trees with a stream running through it. She loved to go back there to play, but something happened to change things perhaps a child was molested, or some hobos were seen back there. One day, Mother said, "You are not to go back in the woods any more," and when she asked, "Why Mommy?" she was told, "Because the devil is living back there now and you know the devil carries off bad little girls." A few days later she did something that Mother thought was naughty and Mother said, "If you don't stop being so naughty, the devil is going to come right into this house, put you under his arm and carry you right out of here." She asked, "Marna, if the devil is back there in the woods, how does he know that I am naughty up here in the house?" Her mother said, "The devil knows everything." NEXT STEP: Terminate the trance. "All right now, I am going to count from one to five and at the count of five your eyes are wide open, you are calm, rested, relaxed, fully aware and feel wonderfully good." (See the trance termination script.) First thing I always say is, "Well, you kind of surprised yourself, didn't you?" There are only three answers they can give: "Yes," "No" or "What do you mean?" Whatever their response, your answer is always the same: "Tell me about it." 1. You say, "Kind of surprised yourself?" "Yes.” "Tell me about it." "Why, I really did not think I was hypnotized, but then I felt my arm jerking up and when I went to open my eyes they did not open. My left arm just felt like it was made of lead and I said, 'Hey, wait a minute, I must be hypnotized?"' "You see, you got a conscious realization of the trance state. " 2. "Kind of surprised yourself?" "No. " "Tell me about it." "Well, I read in a book about how the arm came up and sure enough my arm came...
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