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7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

i was anxious before but now i feel more relaxed at

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Unformatted text preview: lright, if you are not ready, tell me about it." "I did not come today to get hypnotized. I think I will just talk to you." "That's all right. You have reserved the time and we can spend the Lime talking and I am not going to hypnotize you until you tell me that you are ready for me to hypnotize you." They may say "No" just to test you to see what will happen and five minutes later they might say, "I am ready now... I was anxious before, but now I feel more relaxed." At this point, it is time to hypnotize this person using whatever methods that seem appropriate to you. Whatever methods you use on that first session, I suggest that after the induction of trance, you begin a relaxation process because you want to get the full discharge of accumulated tensions and make the First session the best session. In the first session there is no attempt at therapy, at least, not in an observable way. Many clients have said, "I went deepest, the very first time." What they mean is, "I had stored so many accumulated physical and emotional tensions that when I discharged them, I got rid of a tremendous load." #4 TESTING THE SUBJECT In the pre-hypnotic talk I ask, "Have you ever been hypnotized before?" The answer is usually "No." Then I ask, "Have you ever made an effort to be hypnotized before today?" Often they say, "Yes, several times, but no one has ever hypnotized me." Then I ask, "was it for entertainment or therapy?" They reply, "I had a problem that I wanted to deal with." "What kind of therapist was it that you went to?" (This is very important because you want to find out if it were their neighbor who is a certified public accountant and does hypnotism demonstrations as a hobby; or a psychologist or psychiatrist, whose hypnotism skills are of ten the same as the next door neighbors; or a trained hypnotherapist of experience and reputation in...
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